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In the field of corporate and commercial law, our law firm provides comprehensive legal advice and services on a full range of business issues affecting today’s corporate enterprises. Dynamic development of business requires a legal team able to provide effective solutions, based on experience in particular legal areas. We provide our clients with legal services in such areas where we can prove essential knowledge and experience. Our aim is to propose to our clients’ legal support in order to let them perform their own activities by relying on our legal advice and background. We cooperate with tax and accounting advisors, as well as other specialists in areas that acquire specific knowledge and qualifications. We are capable of setting up a team of advisors who are able to act immediately. We support the day-to-day operation of companies and undertake the negotiation and drafting of all types of commercial contracts, including, amongst others, the drafting of bylaws and minutes. Our team, through its strong technical expertise, expeditiously delivers flexible and creative solutions. Furthermore, we can provide legal consulting in matters such as:

·   Εstablishment of legal entities in Greece (e.g. new greek companies, branch of a foreign legal entity, advantages and disadvantages of each type of company etc.).

· Cooperation with our tax and accounting specialists in order for our clients to make the right decisions, taking into consideration the tax system of Greece and the international financial and banking environment.

· Our provided legal services also include:

·         Drafting and diligence of the company’s statute,

·         Preparation of all legal documentation for establishing the company or branch,

·         Registration of the Company on the Greek Chamber of Commerce and on the competent tax authority,

·         Registration of Brand name of the company or branch,

·         Registration of trademark of the company or branch,

·         Issuing of tax registration number of shareholders and company or branch

·         Supervision of the whole procedure of the establishment of the company or branch,

·         Drafting of the Board meetings, minutes (discussions and decisions made) according to the Greek company law and publishing them in the Greek Chamber of Commerce whenever it is necessary.

·         Amendments of the company’s statute,

·         Bank account opening

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