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Greece has given the possibility of granting 5-year residence permits to non-European country nationals and the members of their families, who proceed to the purchase of real estate property in Greece to a minimum price of 250,000 euros.


-  Can the residence permit be renewed?

Yes, for another 5 years each time, provided that the main applicant still owns the property.


-  Who is considered a family member?

According to the law, family members of third country citizens entering the country are:

a) Spouses.

b) The direct descendants of the spouses, who are under the age of 24 (children).

c) The direct relatives of the spouses in the ascending line (parents and parents in law).


-  Are unmarried partners entitled to a residence permit?

No. Family members do not include unmarried partners but partners who have a civil union agreement are considered eligible.


-  Is the applicant covered from the moment he/she submitted the application until the day the residence permit is issued?

Yes. If all the supporting documents are submitted, at the same day the temporary visa is issued and upon submitting applicant’s fingerprints, a few days later the Golden visa is issued.


-  Does the residence permit give Golden visa holders the right to apply for citizenship?

This title is not included in the titles that allow direct access to the acquisition of Greek citizenship by naturalization; it simply allows its holder to access long-term residence status, such as the status of the long-term resident, which is a qualification required for applying for citizenship.


-  Can Golden visa holders travel to Schengen countries directly, after their residence permit has been issued, from their country, or do they first need to come to Greece?

You can arrive in any Schengen country you wish to, directly.


-  What is the arrangement regarding the access to education and healthcare services? Can the children of the Golden visa holder attend a Greek public school?

The holders of the residence permit have access to public education, analogously to that of Greeks. Regarding access to healthcare services, third country citizens and their family members who fall under the regulations of the current law, must have insurance that covers their healthcare and medical care expenses, but they also have free access to public health system.


-  This sum of €250,000 concerns one or more properties?

It does not matter. Whether one or divided to more properties, their total value must be in total a minimum of 250,000 Euros.


-  If non-European country citizens jointly buy a property for €1,000,000, are all the joint owners entitled to a residence permit?

Yes, provided that the amount invested by each one is minimum €250,000.


-  Does the residence permit continue to be valid if the real estate property is transferred/sold?

In cases where the real estate (property) is transferred/sold, the Golden visa holder and his family members have their visa revoked instantly.


B. The procedure for the issuance of the residence permit is the following:

1. Securing an appointment at the competent administrative authority after the registration of the property at the land registry office is completed.

2. Promptly completing the applicant's file ready to be filed and compiling the required legal documentation comprising the file to be filed.

3. On the same day of submission of all documents, the temporary residence permit (blue card) is issued and delivered to the client/applicant.

4. At the time the applicant or his family members arrive in Greece, our office lawyers will accompany him/her before the immigration office to submit his/her fingerprints.

5. The permanent residence permit (Golden visa) will be issued within a month after the submission of applicant’s fingerprints.

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