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Our law firm ensures an all-encompassing real estate practice, including the representation and advisory guidance of both Greek and foreign real estate investors. Our law firm represents numerous property developers, construction companies and hotel groups, providing full support at all levels, from the purchase of a plot of land, to the issuance of a building permit, to the hiring and signing of contracts with contractors and subcontractors, to the delivery of the project. Our law firm also represents individuals, Greeks or internationals, who wish to buy a house in Greece. Our comprehensive experience all over Greece allows us to provide specialized and personalized legal advice both to individuals who want to buy a residence in Greece and companies in property development or in the field of tourism industry. We undertake the customary due diligence and contract drafting and in cooperation with specialists of all fields related to real estate, we provide an effective and safe course of action in order to achieve the best solutions that meet the special requests of each client.

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